Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Details:

1200pa Powerful suction Suction Sweep Mop 3 in 1
2.Automatic clean on home hard floor and thin carpet.
Clean efficiency 98% for dirt, debris, pet hair, dust,screw etc
3.Main brush+ 2-side brush design, clean edges more effectively.
4. Automatic charging + Remote control, Auto Dock Station
5.Multiple cleaning patterns: Random,Fixed point,Zigzag,Edge cleaning
6. Auto Anti-falling system: It can avoid dropping off from the table, stairs etc.
7. Anti-collision system: it will adjust the direction when it senses obstacles.
8. UV sterilizing function:UV light ray disinfection more effectively to cleaning
9.USB charging :Connect with the USB cable to the charging port of the cleaner
10.After battery 30% left ,the machine will return to the charging dock station to recharge
Accessories :
Charging dock*1
Machine * 1
Dust bin*1 (inside)
Manual * 1
Battery*1 (inside)
Brush * 4
Mop Pads * 2
USB * 1
Small brush*1
Remote control*1( AA battery not include)